Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stunning confirmation

Okay, this post will be little more than a brief mention of a few issues I have with Mr. Richard C. Hoagland's "stunning confirmation" of torsion fields (aetheric fields, hyperdimensional physics) through his "experiment" with a 30+ year old wristwatch hooked up to his laptop computer (if you think my characterization is incorrect, read this). In the most recent article on the Enterprise Mission website, an unidentified author (possibly Robin) runs through the most recent experimental confirmation of Hoagland's torsion field theory (*cough, cough*). :)

As Expat points out, Hoagland failed to get the proper permit to conduct his "experiment" on his recent trip to Mexico at Chichen Itza. Expat explains for the less worldly that such a permit very closely resembles a 500 peso "donation" (about $39). That being said, I'm not sure that it would have made much of a difference because there is no means of distinguishing experimental results that would tend to confirm Hoagland's hyperdimensional physics hypothesis. It turns out that Mr. Hoagland has never released baseline results that are not supposed to reflect unusual torsion/aetheric amplification (by a mountain, Coral Castle, Tikal). How are we to know that the results that Mr. Hoagland points to as confirmation is anything other than normal "noise" from his old wristwatch? :D

That being said, if one looks at the experimental results from Mr. Hoagland's three "stunning confirmations", it seems odd that they do not seem to have the same results. View these pictures of the results for Coral Castle, Pyramid of the Sun, Tikal and the Annular Eclipse to see what I mean. Mr. Hoagland really needs to show us what his device would read when it's not strongly affected by hyperdimensional torsion fields. Expat has gone into this discussion, including suggesting an experimental protocol to make sure that the results that Mr. Hoagland presents are actually showing something. My bigger issue is that Mr. Hoagland does not even have any apparent "field theory", so his "predictions" are usually along the lines that one would find something odd, rather than saying that his watch will specifically either speed up or slow down under certain defined conditions. Then there's just the fact that his experimental apparatus is probably not sophisticated enough to get decent results (old watch plugged into his laptop...). :S


  1. Is there actually a watch hooked up when he gets his data? In the video of him getting booted from " chicken eatsya" It looked to me like he just had the calibrator hooked up to his laptop?

    here's the pic I pulled from the video of his state of the art apparatus:

  2. ZIZ: Yes, the watch enclosure is in Dr Falkov's hand.

    A nice summary of all known Accutron "experiments" is here:


  3. Let me explain what his "instruments" are... a 30+ year old watch attached to a "sensor" mechanism to measure the frequency modulation of the tuning fork, which is plugged into a "quartz precision clock and watch timer" (MicroSet), which is plugged into his laptop. The picture you have shows the Microset clock and watch timer plugged into the laptop. I didn't see the video, but the apparatus which he uses is also explained on his website on the page on "A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse ... and Final Venus Transit".

  4. I posted this already but it seems to have gone.

    In the Chichen Itza video, the watch enclosure is in Dr Falkov's hands.

    There's an account of all the "experiments" here: